Carson’s Restaurant

Carson’s restaurant is here for all of your catering and event hosting needs. We have three pleasant banquet facilities, numerable menu options, and a fully dedicated staff of experts. From banquet rooms, to weekly and annual buffet exclusives, we have everything you need to make your special event everything you need it to be.

Carson’s Banquet Rooms

Carson’s Banquet facility is ideal for banquets, dinners, parties, receptions and meetings, whether you have only 20 guests, or 100. We offer buffets, sit down dinners, and luncheons at our facilities to best meet all of you menu catering and room rental needs. We have two lover level banquet rooms—the Zoe Room and the Gia Room—as well as an upstairs banquet room—the Frozen Room. Each provides for spacious hosting and catering for a marveled time at Carson’s.

Restaurant Buffet Selections

Check back with us on our NEW buffet items!
Carson’s will re-open November 2, 2017.

Annual Holiday Buffets

At Carson’s, holidays represent a special reason to celebrate with good food, family and friends. To help you and your family enjoy holiday celebrations to the fullest, our Carson’s team has created a holiday buffet selection to cover every one’s seasonal tastes! From glorious hot dishes, to decedent desserts, you can enjoy a fully satisfying holiday meal without the cooking hassles or hefty clean up!

Our Restaurant has all that you need to make your special event all that you need it to be. From eloquent banquet rooms, to our exclusive and award winning catering, Carson’s restaurant has it all. Contact us today for more information on our delectable dishes and reputable services.