About Us

Carson’s, as we know it today, was newly established in 2002, yet its ancestor Carson’s Premier Catering has over 20 years of experience working with the public and in the food service industry.

Tim Carson is the grandson of the founder of Carson’s Tavern in Scottdale. With a desire to expand into new areas, grandson Tim Carson along with his grandfather, founder of Carson’s Tavern, began their catering business through the tavern. They found that their customers had a need for quality food and great service at all types of venues. Tim’s catering efforts enjoyed great success, and its customers appreciated both the quality of the food and the and the great service.

Meet The Team

Tim Carson

Kristine Carson

Beulah Frund
Director of Bridal Operations

Alicia Bell
Director of Special Events

Mary Ann Marcinko
Director of Linen Operations

Robin Roth
Buffet & Tavern Manager

Tommy Nicholson
Event Producer

Zoe Carson
Junior Event Producer

Lauren Herman
Event Producer

Lindsey Pierce
Event Producer

Taylor Sipos
Head Server

Chad King
Executive Chef

Sue Kourpas
Chef dePartie